MiraLAX to MiraFIBER Line Extension


Why Now?

Bayer acquired the MiraLAX brand during the acquisition of Merck Consumer Care. To grow the business, a Mira Masterbrand system was created to launch new products that help consumers manage their constipation with gentle, yet effective relief. The first product launch under this umbrella was MiraFIBER.
Our objective was to establish a single, universal Mira Brand and visual equities for both MiraLAX and MiraFIBER, to grow the brand strategically and in a planned manner.


The Process:

Phase 1 | Audit immersion, strategic development and design brief, alignment in opportunity areas

Deep dive into the competition, the analysis identified brand equity elements to evolve and expand into new territories, as well as those that position the brand in a competitive advantage from a visual standpoint.


Phase 2 | Design Expression board, look/ tone/ feel for global brand guidelines

The design intent included: Highlight the extension of MiraLax into the fiber category and shared equity. Integrate the existing MiraLax guidelines into the new Mira franchise guidelines.


Phase 3 | Brand identity, packaging, architecture development, and qualification

The new brand expression was tested in the US with positive results. Consumers found the new designs “eye-catching” and “modern.” The new shape language was useful to communicate product benefit. More importantly, the new MiraFIBER brand was recognized as part of the MiraLAX family of products.


Phase 4 | Global deployment and final production

Brand Book and Packaging Guidelines were created and deployed to ensure consistency across media.