GlassPanel online Platform

Intuitive interface with engaging visuals and state-of-the-art user experience



GlassPanel was created for higher education institutions’ marketing and admissions teams, so they would be empowered to spend less time finding and organizing data and more time acting on it. It’s a single platform that simplifies the enrollment lifecycle, enabling those teams to make smart decisions while saving time and achieving enrollment goals. It includes three key components:

1.  Student Inquiry Management: Create and manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels and pre-qualify prospective students so you can spend more time helping individuals who have a greater propensity to enroll.
2. Student Inquiry Management: Know prospects’ interests and automatically send messages through the right channels, instantly connecting them with the information personalized to their unique and specific needs.
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Maintain a complete record of interactions with prospective students from initial contact through enrollment, so you can easily manage and report on every step of the enrollment lifecycle.



The biggest need here is to greatly simplify this very complex function and interface in a logical and visual system that would produce an intuitive and engaging user experience, that would lead then to the goal of making the workflow better and faster.



Articulate the system’s workflow deficiencies >> define the strategy platform and the visual system >> craft a theme >> create the interface>> shape the experience bringing it to life.



A mobile-first approach was implemented to reimagine and develop the user’s journey, with the simplicity of workflow as the key organizing principle for the app’s functions. Utilizing cues from social media user experience, a new best-in-class information architecture and visual system were introduced and leveraged as the key component behind the new – much more intuitive and personalized – user interface.