DuaneReade’s FASTParty

Location-based mobile shopping solution.


Why FastPARTY?:

When alcohol was outlawed from 1920 to 1933, it was still extremely prevalent in society. Walgreens was able to secure the right to prescribe whiskey for various ailments, which resulted in their business exploding. The chain had only 20 retail stores at the beginning of Prohibition, but by late 1933 they had 400 stores, and with the repeal of Prohibition, Walgreen Co. acquired liquor licenses and soon was selling whiskey and wine in 60 percent of its stores.[1]

In 2010, Walgreens acquired DuaneReade, and with the acquisition of New York City’s famous drug store, Walgreens rolled out a brand refresh for DuaneReade, its products, and vast network of stores, adding new shiny beer display fridges very close to cash registers, all in effort to better engage the younger consumer and sell more of the lucrative product.[2]



With this brand refresh, Walgreens wanted DuaneReade to sell more beer to an audience of young, urban, and connected consumer in New York City, living in a culture of socializing at house parties and gatherings to watch movies and seasonal ball games. However, the long lines at the stores during any holiday or sports season present an ongoing “turn off” for time-squeezed-last-minute-decision-making-NewYorkers.



Articulate the problem >> define the solution platform >> craft a name >> create an identity >> shape the experience bringing it to life.

Through research and interviews with potential consumers, we identified the human tension found in being invited to a party hosted by friends of friends. When you don’t know what your hosts like to drink you end up scrambling to buy some “something” to bring to that party you’ve been invited to.



Utilizing the chain’s large network of stores all around the city, a new brand – FASTParty – is strategically introduced through the experience of an intuitive mobile app designed to help make quick and easy “good” beer buying decisions when you’re doing last-minute shopping for that “something” to bring to the house party, while you’re on your way to it.


Unlike regular grocery store delivery services, FASTParty allows you to share your favorite drinks and snacks on social media, and also pick from your friends’ favorite products and have it quickly delivered to their doorstep, all from your mobile device as you’re making your way to the party location. This curated, location-based database, utilizes user-generated content to enhance offerings. It also taps into the large content of tips and beverage/snacks pairing suggestions through an agreement with beeradvocate.com.
As the user’s community grow, it will make available a wide range of choices and suggestions from people you trust and offer a very convenient way for purchase and delivery.