I’m passionate about all things design. I love to create stories and innovative experiences that matter and work to foster meaningful connections with the audience.


For over 15 years I’ve been at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology, 
merging expert knowledge in visual design, UI/UX design, brand strategy and brand design.


I believe that by using design as a “foundation” vs. a “veneer” we can influence business decisions that reinforce a single brand message; delivering a holistic consumer experience that guides the audience to the right choice from awareness to product use.


Throughout my career, I’ve served as design manager, brand designer, user experience lead, and creative design strategist within the consulting industry and for global Fortune 500 companies, connecting the rapidly changing worlds of design and business.


My design journey has given me a unique opportunity to explore and understand design through the different lenses of architectural design, graphic design, brand design and UI/UX design. What binds it all together is a proven and uncompromising design process which delivers products and brand experiences that are carefully examined and well thought out, designed with both the business and the consumer in mind.


In solving strategic design and experience challenges for brands, I apply a process of cross-pollination while in ideation phase, utilizing my diverse background and professional experience as one discipline, taking cues from everything I’ve learned working in architectural design, photography, graphic design, web design and UX design. This allows me to create and deliver the best engaging solutions that result in long-lasting meaningful connections across physical, digital and sensory touchpoints.